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What I do

I am a driven individual with a passion for steering projects to successful completion as part of a dynamic team. I thrive in collaborative environments and am motivated to contribute to achieve shared goals.

About Me

Welcome to my world! I'm passionate about gaming, coding, and the art of cooking. Always on the lookout for fresh challenges, I have an insatiable appetite for learning.

With a wealth of experience in the QA/Localization industry spanning many years, I'm eagerly embracing opportunities to enhance both my skills and career. Join me on this journey of continuous improvement!


Interested in more? Feel free to Download my Resume!

Some of my projects:

bettin website

My first professional experience as Junior Web Developer. I have been adjusting / fixing / editing the UI. Stack used: Laravel, Zurb Foundation CSS.

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One Piece Volumes
One Piece Retribution

A simple Website to celebrate the One Piece Anniversary. Only HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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bettin website
UI Feedback App

A full stack Application that allows the user to provide a detailed feedback on a specific service. Built in React and Firebase.

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bettin website
One Piece Game

A funny memory game built in React!

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pixabay project

An image finder built in React and Tailwind.

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recipiamo project

A complete recipes container created using the Spoonacular API. Built in React, Styled-Components and Splide. Grab the food!

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kaiguys project
KaiGuys Proto

A prototype for a Japan-based export Company.Slides and Accordions built with Bootrap 4, SlickCarousel and LightBox.

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neil english shikago
Eikawa School

A full-rounded website for an English School in Wakayama, Japan. Built with Bootstrap 5 and JavaScript.

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Wakayama Blog
Wakayama Blog

A personal SSR blog, built with Hugo and posts written using Markdown

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